Cobudget Training

January 12, 2023

Open Collective is a great platform to raise and spend money. Anyone can submit an expense and get paid, but how can a collective decide together what should be funded?

On December 15th 17:00 CET, our friends at Open Collective Foundation are hosting an  introduction to collaborative funding with Cobudget, a great tool that is available to your collective. Cobudget will share some of their work and practice on building a collaborative budgeting tool that allows groups to make open and transparent decisions about how they spend money together.

Join Francesca Pick and David Weingartner of Cobudget for an introductory training on how to use their collaborative budgeting tool to build participatory processes into the ways that groups dream, fund, and realize decisions about money together which can complement practices you have already employed in your use of the Open Collective platform.

For a basic tour of the Cobudget platform, you can watch a Loom here or peruse their support documentation here. Earlier this year, Open Collective Foundation hosted a session on  Participatory Budgeting 101 for Orgs, and you can find a recording and other leave-behinds from that training here - but don't worry, you don't need it to participate in the Cobudget training.

During this training, participants will:

  • Learn how Cobudget works to present available funds to participants in a funding round
  • Understand the design of a funding round including how groups can surface ideas or projects for the round
  • Reflect on some of the learnings the Cobudget team brings to this process after many years of running collaborative funding rounds across different groups

Training Outline

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Cobduget Overview
  • Cobudget Functionality & Practice
  • Q&A
  • Close-out

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